Saturday, February 9, 2013

Entering the IPhone Age

I have been a customer of a non-contact phone carrier since I first had a cell phone back in 2000. Yes, it took me that long to get a cell phone even back then. All I wanted at that time was an emergency phone, which became a necessity after I got stranded on the freeway and had to use the call box and decided that it would be better if I had a cell phone.  So I researched and found the least expensive plan I could find and decided I didn't want to have a contract so I would not be locked in.

In that course of time, I have had 4 phones, but the same phone number. My last phone was starting to have a screen that was fading a little, so I decided to get a new phone. That phone would not give me text messages from my friends. So I was looking into a smartphone for just a little more money and then I saw it!

I have resisted getting an IPhone because I didn't want to be locked into a contract paying $100 a month.  Well, Virgin Mobile has an IPhone and the price per month for unlimited talk, text, web, and data comes to $55 but I receive $5 off for auto pay. Exactly what I was paying for my other phone and service and I had no data plan since it was not a smart phone.

The other great thing is that I can write off a good portion of it because my business back office runs on the IPhone's platform so it really is necessary that I have one! Yay!!

I am having a lot of fun with it, as long as I can keep it out of my kids' hands! No sooner I had the phone and my 8 year old said, "Ok, mom. Here's how you change the wallpaper...and Babam!!"  My son comes home, sees my phone and immediately reaches for it to show me stuff.

Smack down! Hands off!! MY phone!! Back away and no one gets bitten!

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Alyson and Ford said...

Welcome to iPhone world! We bought our first one before our trip to China in 2008. Now AA uses our iPad so that we can keep our phones! Enjoy!

Alyzabeth's Mommy